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COVID-19 Update - Message from Jason Lu

Over the last period ROE Visual, like any other company, has had to deal with the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak is having in consecutively, China, Europe, and the US, on both the personal and professional lives of all our staff.

With the measures put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, we find ourselves extremely lucky that, so far, all of our staff are healthy. Either working from the office or working from home, the ROE Visual teams are working hard to keep the organization up-and-running and to be ready for better times.

We’re well aware of the devastating effect the COVID-19 outbreak has on our clients, users, AV technicians and our industry as a whole. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all that are impacted. Like every other company, ROE Visual is not immune to the economic consequences caused, but as a healthy and stable company, we’re certain to come out of this stronger and to be ready for you when the time is there. Don’t hesitate to knock on our door if you need help, support or just a friendly word. These are hard and uncertain times, let’s stick together and hang in there.

To help you get through the weeks to come, we try to join our teams’ forces and provide some distraction and knowledge. Next to sending our love, it is the least we can do. We’ll keep you posted.

Jason Lu, Managing Director, ROE Visual

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