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Vanish V8T - Touring

Now you see it, now you don't

The Vanish V8T Transparent LED panel complements the Vanish series of transparent LED panels. With a transparency of 50%, this LED panel offers outstanding performance in outdoor environments through its high-brightness and excellent viewing angles.

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Vanish 8 Touring Key Features

50% Transparency
Easy Maintenance
Suited for Outdoor use (IP65)
Hanging and Stacking
Curving Options


  • Tile
  • Pixel Pitch
  • LED Configuration
  • Max Brightness Calibrated
  • Panel Dimension
  • Panel Resolution (H x V)
  • Weight Per Panel
  • Power Consumption Max/Average
  • BTU Max/Average
  • Transparency
  • Curving (Concave & Convex)
  • Viewing Angle Vertical
  • Viewing Angle Horizontal
  • Multiplexing
  • Refresh Rate
  • Gray Scale
  • Operational Temp/Humidity
  • Storage Temp/Humidity
  • IP Rating
  • Certifications
Vanish V8T

Application Fields

  • Touring
  • Concert
  • Outdoor Events
Tony Thompson

“We believe that all audiences could be engaged through great stage design and vivid images brought by LED panels. ROE Visual provides us with LED products presenting incredible real stage visualization for all, and we are delighted with the results. Having the Vanish V8T panels on the stage, the visual effects are in line with our high expectations.”

Tony Thompson Upstaging Inc.

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