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Hengdian LED VP Demo Week with Timeaxis

ROE Visual and Timeaxis Ride the Wave of Virtual Production

ROE Visual supplies LED for Hengdian World Studios VP Demo

Shenzhen, China (April 2, 2021) – ROE Visual was asked to provide LED equipment for the Virtual Production demo week in Hangzhou, organized by Timeaxis Digital Studios and Hengdian World Studios. Other supplying partners were Unreal Engine and NVIDIA.

Timeaxis Digital Studios invited a broad range of partners with interest in virtual production technology to get together to discuss and experience the virtue of this innovative technology for a film. DP’s producers, photographers, and partners were present throughout the week and could test the advantages of virtual production first hand.

Established in 2004, Timeaxis Digital Studios was one of the pioneers focusing on pipeline technology for digital film. Today they are recognized as the leading company in East China for film and digital television production. Having accomplished more than 200 films and TV series using digitalized production, Timeaxis is committed to complete workflow integration.

For the demo, ROE Visual supplied both Diamond DM2.6 and Carbon CB5 LED panels, creating a curved LED back wall and ceiling. The resulting LED volume provided 20 million pixels, delivering an immersive environment on an unprecedented scale. Camera motion tracking systems, with Ncamreal-time tracking and motion capture equipment, contributed to the on-site integration.

The whole demonstration process was highly interactive and immersive, allowing guests to understand the entire process of virtual production technology through an intuitive visual experience.

For further understanding of the advantages of virtual production, various car shooting scenes were simulated on-site. “Shooting car scenes can be a challenge, having to take into account issues like weather conditions, safety, and the green screen reflections. By using virtual production technology, you can solve all these problems. The LED wall provides a natural light source, resulting in very realistic reflections,” says Mr. Jiming Zhu, Chief Technology Officer of Timeaxis. “Our experience with the ROE Visual LED panels was excellent. They have provided an excellent visual performance during all the tests”.

Timeaxis expects a quick adaption of the virtual production techniques for China-based film and TV productions. ROE Visual offers the advantage of supplying a proven technology, featuring many TV and film productions in the US and Europe. Their experience and knowledge in this field are unrivaled.

Credits: Timeaxis Digital Studios

Products used:

Diamond DM2.6

Carbon CB5

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