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NEP Sweetwater brings ROE Visual CB3 to Grammy Awards

Chatsworth, US(May 18, 2023) The 65th Grammy Awards returned to Los Angeles this year in Arena. NEP Sweetwater brought ROE Visual LED again to the incredible Grammy stage. During the live streaming, the online audience number was up 33%, breaking the award show's record.

One of the event's highlights is that LED display and the projection mapping are well combined for the show, and Refik Anadol showcased his vibrant, three-dimensional AI model. Projection works with 4K LED video, used to frame, enhance the projection, and illuminate the interior of the gramophone's throat, often with images (such as headshots of winners) matching those projected onto the moving side panels. The show utilized ROE Visual Carbon CB3, providing a stunning, eye-catching view of modern art. 

In addition, behind each performance area onstage were two 20' x 50' curved LED displays, used as dynamic backdrops for the artists' performances with disguise servers. Finally, a glass-top LED floor system led out from the gramophone opening and split left and right onto the center stage, visible to those onstage and home viewers via the jib cameras.

While this year's Grammy Awards included a lot of projection, LED was still part of the imaging mix. The technology adds lots more creative latitude for live and broadcast productions, the Carbon series, which stands for high-refresh rate and excellent contrast, is perfect for live-streaming and provides in-camera performance.

"LED screens are everywhere now, and everyone wants them or large projection screens on stage," says show tech director John Pritchett. The key to making video work for complex events that use a lot of LED and projection is to coordinate frame rates as early as possible.

“Nep Sweetwater has splendid experience working with Grammy Awards, and they are experts in coordinating all the gears and resources to present such a great show. Live streaming is undoubtedly a trend in televised awards shows, but it brings more challenges for broadcasting and production, and requires higher-quality gear and best solutions. Congratulations, the show is a success.” Says Grace Kuo, the sales manager of ROE Visual.

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