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ROE Visual Launches New RGBW Technology

Introduces Four-Color LED Panels on Brompton Processing

Shenzhen, China (August 2023) – Leading LED display manufacturer, ROE Visual has unveiled its latest innovation, the Carbon 5 MKII (CB5 MKII) RGBW LED panel. The unprecedented LED panel is a first for the company, incorporating four emitters in a traditionally three-emitter model. The unprecedented panel was showcased at both the NAB and MPTS exhibitions, focusing on broadcast and film applications.

The four-color RGBW panel uses Brompton Technology LED processing and provides unparalleled color rendering for realistic subject lighting for in-camera use. While most LED displays follow the standard RGB format, the Carbon 5 panel incorporates a fourth emitter to illuminate subjects in heightened realism and superb spectral quality. This broader spectrum, comprising white LED, gives more color accuracy, mainly represented in subjects’ skin tones, costumes, or props that tend to have an overly saturated and red tone in a traditional virtual production volume.

Most crucial to the creatives harnessing the technology’s power, the CB5 MKII RGBW panel accomplishes an enhanced spectral output without sacrificing the image quality. Brompton’s subsequent development, the Tessera G1 receiver card, combined with their TrueLight technology, makes this possible. Users can switch from RGB to RGBW output on the Carbon LED panel in real time. Additionally, every pixel on the RGBW panel gets the same calibration treatment and accuracy that ROE Visual users have come to expect.

The close partnership between ROE Visual and Brompton has been instrumental in developing an LED panel using RGBW technology. It comes at a unique time when virtual production (VP) and extended reality (XR) projects demand more realistic results. The user expectations are expanding to more aspects of available technology on set, including improved lighting sources.

“The potential impact the RGBW LED technology has on filmmaking and other untapped applications is hard to quantify,” says ROE Visual R&D Manager, Tucker Downs. “Eliminating some of the biggest hurdles to virtual production and general in-camera capture is game-changing.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with ROE Visual on their new Carbon 5 MKII RGBW LED panel, which will bring significant benefits to filmmakers working in virtual production and beyond,” shared Adrian Jeakins, Director of Engineering, Brompton Technology. “The combination of the Carbon 5 with Brompton’s TrueLight technology and the Tessera G1 receiver card will enable unprecedented realism and color accuracy when using LED panels as a lighting source.”

The ROE Visual Carbon series is a favored line of LED creative displays by professionals in the touring, live event, and virtual production spaces. The sleek and lightweight design has highlighted the series as a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor application. Subsequently, the expansion of the Carbon 5 model increases the opportunities for on-set virtual production (OSVP) and beyond.

The Carbon 5 MKII RGBW panel will be the topic of conversation at several events at—and leading up to—SIGGRAPH 2023 in Los Angeles. The technology will be incorporated into the Z by HP booth located in the West Hall, booth 215.

Both companies aim to make this technology available in the near future while promoting the RGBW technology with the current prototype.

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