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4Wall Invests in ROE Visual BP2V2 LED Technology

Thousands of New LED Panels Added to Rental Stock

4Wall Entertainment, the global provider of entertainment equipment rentals and services, has released exciting news about its recent investment of ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 panels. By adding the film-grade BP2V2 tiles to its rental inventory, the 4Wall team is fully-prepared to offer new video display solutions with a trusted visual performance.

Following the investment of Black Pearl BP2 panels in 2018, 4Wall continued its relationship with ROE, once again selecting the Black Pearl series for its rental stock. The two companies have shared a simpatico relationship over the years, with ROE providing support at the ready. The product of choice, the Black Pearl BP2V2, is a film-centric product geared toward in-camera uses for virtual production. The panels have won the trust and confidence of video professionals for their outstanding performance in global implementation.

"Our initial purchase of ROE's BP2 LED video panels was one of the first ROE video panels that were added to our existing video inventory," said 4Wall Director of LED Services, Wayne Romanowski. "These tiles have a proven track record of success and have been a fantastic addition for us. We're thrilled with the improvements ROE has made to this new version."

As the industry standard, BP2V2 continues to shine in different markets around the world, bringing rich color accuracy and perfect in-camera performances with its high frame rate, high refresh rate, and low scan lines. The striking features make it ideal for virtual production, broadcasting, live events, exhibitions, and beyond. While the technology evolves, so does the quality and efficiency of the projects created with the series of products.

4Wall Entertainment has already begun utilizing the BP2V2 tiles in a variety of live events and shows in the past few months. Some of these include live exhibits, such as the Toyota exhibit at the SEMA Show, Supernal's exhibit at NBAA AV, HMG Groundbreaking, and more. The upgrade in equipment has already proven beneficial for the rental provider as it invests in new ventures.

"The addition of ROE's BP2V2 tiles to our inventory cements 4Wall's commitment to its expansion into the Virtual Production and Broadcast markets as well as providing the highest quality product to our live events clients," says Romanowski.

“We truly appreciate the incredible partnership with 4Wall and their positive comments on BP2V2 panels. We look forward to continue seeing the tiles’ deployment on future projects and events,” states Frank Montero, Managing Director at ROE Visual US.

Product: BP2V2

Original Source: 4Wall Adds Thousands of New ROE Black Pearl BP2V2 LED Video Panels to Rental Inventory

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