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Black Pearl BP2V2 Remains Indispensable in Virtual Production

Celebrating ROE Visual's Global Presence in VP Studios

Download the complete press release here.

Shenzhen, China (November 2022) – The worldwide application of ROE Visual’s Black Pearl BP2V2 upholds its unique position in the content production market as the ideal display solution. ROE Visual's Black Pearl BP2V2 LED panels feature in film studios around the world, including PXO & WFW Stages, Monolith Studios, Cinecittà Studios, Nordisk Film Shortcut Stage, Netflix Studios, TDC Stages, Amazon Studios, XR Studios, and more. The series has won the trust and reputation of various customers in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Over the years, countless projects have been produced with the help of the BP2V2 LED canvas. Regarded as the standard LED display for in-camera performance, the panel has undoubtedly become the top choice for projects in virtual production, demonstrating immersive digital environments with unparalleled color vibrancy and lighting accuracy.

Download the complete press release here.

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