Team Spirit

At ROE Visual, team spirit and family values reflect who we are and how we operate. This extends to our own team as well as our customers. Wherever you are based, you belong to the ROE family and we go great lengths to make you feel at home.

As experienced event technology specialists with comprehensive understanding of LED technology, large screen display and the markets we operate in, we are driven by a passion to deliver only the best.

With keen understanding of project management, logistics and implementation processes, we provide clients with not only the right LED display solutions for their projects, but with the comfort that these will be delivered timely and perform flawlessly at your show or event.

Your Stage. Our passion.

  • Jason Lu

    General Manager

  • Grace Kuo

    Overseas Sales Director

  • Bobo Yang

    Manufacturing Director

  • Linke Meng

    R&D Director

  • Tony Ye

    Supply Chain Director

  • Horson Ma

    QA Director

  • Luc Neyt

    Deputy Director Sales and Service Center

  • Greg Hu

    Product Director

  • Shawn Liu

    Finance Director

  • Nancy Xue

    HR Director

  • Chen Zhu


  • Glory Gao

    Deputy Sales Director

  • Abby Yin

    Account Service Manager

  • Helen Li

    Account Service Vice Manager

  • Yao He

    Technical Service Manager

  • Daisy Chung

    Sales Manager

  • Sam Sang

    Sales Manager