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LED screens for Outdoor use

Rugged and Reliable

All events have one common factor, your equipment must be reliable at all times. There’s no stopping the show, whatever happens. That’s why ROE Visual products are of the best quality and very reliable, in routine or in challenging circumstances. Even in bright sunlight the high-brightness and black face LED guarantees to maximize the visual experience for your audience.

Outdoor Use of LED screens whitepaper

Building outdoor LED screens can be a challenge. There are many extra factors to take into account in comparison to an indoor LED screen. Read the ROE Visual whitepaper and learn more about the Outdoor Use of LED screens.

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Premier choice LED products for Outdoor use

When developing outdoor LED screens, ROE Visual uses the input of persons that work with the screens on a daily basis, like large rental companies and experienced LED technicians. Incidents with outdoor LED screens are a returning point of discussion, you want to guarantee audience safety with wind-load resistant LED screens. A video wall should have additional bracing or support when used in an outdoor environment.


Let us help you find the right product

Black Quartz

The Black Quartz offers a full-fledged LED screen appliance, combining a small pitch LED panel with an integrated wind-bracing system, the perfect solution for your next tour or outdoor event.

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Incorporating carbon fiber technology, the Carbon family of LED panels provide an optimal lightweight LED touring solution.

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This clear, see-through LED panel offers 50% transparency.


Vanish 8 Touring

High transparency outdoor touring solution.

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Seeing is believing. That’s why the ROE Visual teams are always ready to perform a demo. With a large in-house showroom and several LED solutions on display, special set-ups can be built on request, to demonstrate our capabilities and product quality.

LED solutions for outdoor events

BLACK QUARTZがバッキンガム宮殿のステージに登場

70年の歴史を誇る女王のプラチナジュビリーの祝典は、英国史における記念すべき出来事となりました。Creative Technology(CT)社は、BBC主催の「プラチナ・パーティ・アット・ザ・パレス」祝賀コンサートにおいて、バッキンガム宮殿のプロジェクションと、ROE VisualのBlack Quartz LEDスクリーンを使用したメインステージの技術提供を担当しました。

ROE Visual、LEDパネル「Carbon MarkII」を発表

中国深セン市(2022年5月)- Carbon MarkIIシリーズの発売は、屋外レンタル市場向けに薄型でありながら強固な構造を持つ、新しい軽量LEDソリューションを提供します。このLEDプラットフォームは、標準装備されたフレームとユニバーサルLEDモジュールおよびマスクにより、合理的な設置を実現します。Carbon MarkIIは、屋外コンサートやイベントの壁面や天井用の大型LEDを構築するために最適です。

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