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LED Ballast Calculator

When you are building large video walls, one of the most prominent challenges is to do this safely. Even if you use the official ROE Visual LED stacking systems, in most cases it’s necessary to add extra ballast. Not all AV technicians are aware of the total weight a complete LED screen can amount to and what forces this can generate, even if you use it indoors.

Download the ROE Visual LED Ballast Calculator

For ROE Visual it’s of paramount importance that its customers are aware of these factors and can build their LED wall safely.

“Creating awareness on safe working practices is crucial. This simple calculating tool actually helps the AV technicians making their job simpler and safer”

comments Luc Neyt, Deputy Director Sales and Service Center.

Available in no less than six languages, the ROE Visual Ballast Calculator offers ballast information for a broad range of ROE Visual LED panel types, such as the Carbon series, Black Onyx, Black Pearl, and Sapphire, but also the newly added panels Vanish V8 and Ruby. Just enter the panel type, the required size of your video wall, the amount of stacking rear trusses used and the amount of ballast needed for your stacking system will be automatically calculated. All available types of stacking system are added to the ballast calculator.

The ROE Visual calculator is only valid in indoor situations and cannot be used for outdoor conditions. ROE Visual can refer to its whitepaper on wind loading for outdoor conditions for those who are interested to learn more on this topic.

Although the results are based on an in-depth structural analysis, the Ballast Calculator can never replace a structural calculation, in some cases this might be required by the local authorities. So always check what local or regional standards and regulations do apply. At the moment ROE Visual is working hard to extend the Ballast Calculator with calculations for the Air Frame.


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