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Monitor Roadshow

Showcasing new LED products at the Monitor Roadshow

Leek, The Netherlands (3 Januari 2022) – UPDATE!

The Monitor Roadshow is postponed. We will publish the new show dates asap.

ROE Visual will participate in the Monitor Roadshow in Sweden, showcasing new LED products in the local market. The roadshow is an excellent opportunity to meet companies and people from the Scandinavian region. Partaking in this event offers a perfect way to strengthen client relations and create new contacts.

The Monitor Roadshow is a touring conference where the leading developers and manufacturers of professional equipment and services from the broadcast and AV industry meet. Here they present their latest news and products. The southern leg of the Monitor Roadshow will visit Malmo, Goteborg, and Stockholm. We will publish the new show dates asap.

Meet the ROE Visual team
The smaller scale of the event allows for informal and personal meetings, with enough time to discuss individual queries. Auke Meijer and Tim Hamberg will represent the ROE Visual Europe team. Together they can cover all your questions, from a sales - as well as a technical aspect.

Products in highlight
The ROE Visual team will showcase some of its latest LED products, so you get the chance to experience them first hand:

  • Vanish V8 Touring
    The Vanish V8T panels offer an outdoor touring solution in a transparent panel design. The V8T is fitted with special frames to facilitate easy handling and fast building while maintaining a transparency of 50%.
  • Ruby RB2.3
    The Ruby LED panels are a new generation of LED panels equipped with features that are beneficial from build to performance. The Ruby has a striking visual display featuring a 4in1 LED package and working with common cathode technology.
  • Diamond DM2.6
    The Diamond LED delivers an indoor LED solution with exceptionally vivid colors. The lightweight panels are easy to hang or stack and can be mounted in flat or curved configurations. This cost-effective LED display is suited for many applications, such as rental or XR Stages.
  • Black Quartz
    Black Quartz offers a full-fledged LED screen appliance, combining excellent visual performance with an integrated wind-bracing system, the perfect solution for your next tour or outdoor event.

Offering a safe environment
The Monitor Roadshow will take every measure to offer the visitors a safe environment to meet. Special efforts will be taken to create safety on the show floor. For this reason, the organization has also decided that anyone attending the conference needs to show a valid vaccination certificate and ID at check-in.

The ROE Visual team looks forward to meeting you in person again! Want to join us?

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