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Fine Pitch COB LED Panel for Unparalleled Visuals

Introducing Coral, an exceptional LED panel platform designed for permanent installations. With remarkable visual performance, Coral's Chip on Board technology delivers high contrast, wide color gamut, and exceptional color accuracy, providing an unparalleled high-definition viewing experience. Its energy-efficient common cathode design saves costs and extends the panel's service life, making it a sustainable choice.

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Flip Chip COB Technology

The Coral series uses COB technology, creating a LED panel with an anti-static and water-resistant surface. Due to the COB technology, the LED pixels are protected by a protective surface, even the smallest pixel pitches will have a minimal failure rate. The Coral LED panel has a stable and reliable performance, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Coral utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as common cathode, reducing energy consumption by up to 25% and generating less heat. By extending the service life of the panels, a more sustainable approach is secured. 

Durable and Versatile Structure

With high-strength frames and ductile cast iron construction, Coral panels are perfect for various installations. Hang, stack, or mount them on walls effortlessly to create immersive effects. Designed to withstand the test of time, Coral panels thrive in any environment, ensuring durability and seamless alignment.

Effortless Installation and Durability

Bring your vision to life with ease using Coral LED panels. Featuring a 16:9 panel design and native 4K resolution, Coral empowers designers to create innovative displays. Its sleek, zero-bezel panels seamlessly blend into any indoor environment, allowing for captivating visual experiences.

Coral Key Features

HDR technology
Unique wall mounting structure
Extended LED lifecycle, energy saving and sustainability at its core
Front service
Waterproof LED panel surface
  • Title
  • Pixel Pitch
  • LED Configuration
  • Max Brightness Calibrated
  • Panel Dimension
  • Panel Resolution (H x V)
  • Weight Per Panel
  • Power Consumption Max/Average
  • Transparency
  • Serviceability
  • Viewing Angle Vertical
  • Viewing Angle Horizontal
  • Refresh Rate
  • Gray Scale
  • Operational Temp/Humidity
  • Storage Temp/Humidity
  • IP Rating
  • Certifications
  • CR1.25
  • 1.25mm
  • 1000nits
  • 600mm x 337.5mm x 24.5mm
    23.62” x 13.29” x 0.96”
  • 480 x 270
  • 8.4kg | 17.6lbs
  • 75W / 35W
  • Solid
  • Front
  • 140°
  • 160°
  • 3840Hz
  • 16bit
  • -20°C ~ 45°C, 10% ~ 90% HR
    -4°F ~ 113°F, 10% ~ 90% HR
  • -40°C ~ 60°C, 10% ~ 90% HR
    -40°F ~ 140°F, 10% ~ 90% HR
  • IP40
  • CE, ETL, FCC
Coral dimensions
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  • Title

Application Fields

  • Corporate settings
  • Hospitality venues
  • Control rooms
  • Broadcast facilities
  • Boardrooms
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