Black Pearl

Superb Visuals

True to content effects are created with high refresh rates, outstanding color processing, and great contrast ratios. 

Intelligent Module

Each individual module stores calibrating and operating parameters separately.

Durable and Strong

Tile made from magnesium alloy with ROE design process assure longevity and quality. 

Stacking, Hanging and Curve Installation

Black Pearl can be setup in any way. It's ideal for rental and staging as well as fixed installations. 

Black PearlBP2BP3BP5
Pixel pitch2.84 mm/0.112 inch

3.91 mm/0.154 inch

5.21mm/0.205 inch

Pixel Density 

123,904 px/sqm

65,536 px/sqm

36,864 px/sqm

Max. Brightness(After calibration)

1,500 nits(NationStar 1515)

1,500 nits(NationStar 2020)

1,500 nits(NationStar 2020)

Panel Dimension(W×H×D)

500x500x90mm/19.69x19.69x3.54 inch

500×500×90mm/19.7×19.7×3.54 inch

500×500×90mm/19.7×19.7×3.54 inch

Panel Weight




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