Hybrid 15S

Exclusive Revolutionary Product

The product never appeared before. Let's create a revolutionary stage together again.

High Power

Revolutionary Hybrid design to make the LED display be integrated with LED spotlight. The LED spotlight is four times brighter than Hybrid 18.


The slim tile is very suitable for creative stage design.


Four tiles Hybrid 15S are compatible with Hybrid 18 frame for variable applications. It's also easy to be operated by ROE evision controller.

Hybrid 15SLED DisplayLED Spotlight
Pixel Pitch15mm150mm
Pixel Density4446/sqm44/sqm
Max. Brightness(Nit or CD/m²)2800 (NationStar 3535)4×130lm
Panel Dimension(W×H×D)5.9”×23.6”×4.9”/150.0mm×600.0mm×125.0mm
Panel Weight3.9kg

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