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Located in Burbank, CA, United States, ROE Visual US, Inc was founded on June 3, 2014. It is an America-based company which provides a full line of services, including consulting, sales, and pre-after services. It is established to help our American customers get more localized cooperation and services. To directly deal with the pre-after sales problems in America can save a lot of time and transportation cost for both ROE Visual and our clients.


ROE Visual US has well-found offices, equipped with showroom and warehouse. All ROE products have been displayed in the showroom, like Black OnyX, Magic Cube, Vanish etc. In the warehouse, we have stored enough LED screen tiles and accessories for each product series. The establishment of ROE US, to a great extent, facilitates ROE Visual’s marketing localization in America, so as to decrease time and save cost for our clients.


On August, 2015, ROE has named Frank Montero the new Managing Director of ROE Visual US. Frank joins the company with over 30 years of experience in the entertainment Lighting and LED industry, and he will lead strategy and operations with the primary goal of expanding ROE presence across American markets.

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