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ROE Visual, formerly known as Radiant, is a Chinese LED display manufacturer dedicated to providing creative displays for stages, studios, architecture, and more. Founded in 2006, ROE Visual has grown very fast, becoming the top manufacturer of rental LED Displays.


We have a full product line capable of servicing a variety of stage applications. By cooperating with the top rental companies in the world, we’re able to bring our experience and broad vision to design. Our R&D team is always ready to offer custom solutions for especially creative designs from all markets. Local sales and service teams in Europe and the US assist clients in attaining the best experience possible, from pre to post sale.


The ROE Visual team is proud our products have been used in thousands of high-profile events like auto shows for Audi and Ford, corporate events for Facebook and Google, in touring with Bon Jovi and U2, and even sporting events such as the Australian Open and the Winter Olympics.

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