The Life of Roe


ROE Strip and Carbon launched.

ROE Strip is an outdoor/indoor creative linear LED element for stage design. The multiple options of cover, installation and length make it ideal to meet designer’s creative thinking. Carbon is the first series incorporating ROE carbon fiber technology, and it is the ideal product for touring.


Black Marble launched.

Black Marble is specially designed for concert stages, TV studios, commercial stands, etc. The black and anti-glare surface perfectly fits different high-end applications. The mix-and-match modules will enhance the creative experience.


Black OnyX series launched.

The Black OnyX is ROE Visual new high-performance indoor HD LED display incorporating professional industrial design. Magnesium alloy panel makes it lightweight and strong. The module uses Multi-Color newest anti-glare black LEDs to get a high contrast ratio.


Hybrid-18 launched

Hybrid is the second revolutionary and exclusive product by Radiant. LED display and lighting integrated together at the first time. Radiant’s creativity affirmed one more time. At the end of this year, the company name has been changed to ROE VISUAL LIMITED.


LED panel, MC series launched

In order to expand the product line, we launched a new series of LED panel, MC series, including P7, P9, P12, P18. On April, 2012, Unilumin Group bought 60% shares of Radiant. Revenue was more than USD20,000,000.


P12 of LINX series launched


P18 of LINX series launched


P25 of LINX series launched


P37 and P75 of LINX series launched and P50 of SOFT series

LINX is a revolutionary and exclusive product. As soon as it launched, we got active response and made a great success. Ten thousands of square meters have been sold. Depending on LINX product, we developed quickly. Revenue was up to USD14,000,000 in 2011.


Radiant Opto-Elec Technology Co., Ltd. established.

Since Radiant established, we have been focusing on making creative displays. We spent all of our time and investment on research of revolutionary products in 2006 and 2007.

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